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Dr. Perry's NightThyme®

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Dr. Perry's NightThyme®

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The next generation of nutrition for the skin. It really is. NightThyme combines the best of the scientifically proven skin care ingredients in one simple, easy to use serum. There are only a few ingredients that are scientifically proven to make the skin look better. NightThyme has those ingredients. This new serum is a result of 7 years of my research, and 28 years of prescribing skin care routines for my plastic surgery patients.


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There are only a few ingredients that are scientifically proven to make the skin look better. NightThyme has those ingredients. This new serum is a result of 7 years of my research, and 28 years of prescribing skin care routines for my plastic surgery patients. For the first 18 years of my practice, I relied on commercially available creams and prescription drugs. But I realized that most of my patients would simply not stay on complex regimens long term...even the celebrities I saw. When I tried to simplify programs by mixing creams, I learned that the chemistry is not simple. So I read chemistry books and scientific papers, joined the cosmetic chemistry society, and literally went into the lab. After a lot of trial and error, I arrived at a way to combine great ingredients into one serum. And then I wondered why no one had ever done that before...

Most companies create different products with only one or two active ingredients. And that’s because they want you to purchase many different products. They want you to fill up your closet with their products, knowing full well that you won’t stick to their complex multi-step regimens. But by including multiple potent ingredients in NightThyme, there’s a higher chance that you’ll stick to the program and realize its benefits. Companies also know that active ingredients are expensive, and that higher, more effective concentrations increase the chance of skin irritation. So concentrations are usually kept to a minimum and the exact percentages of ingredients are usually not publicized right on the front label. These percentages are held like “state secrets”, heaven forbid the consumer finds out that only tiny amounts are often used. I want you to know exactly what you are getting in my products. So the percentages of the key ingredients are right there on the front label.

NightThyme is no ordinary skin serum! I scientifically created it with ingredients that keep your skin looking its best – and I left out toxins and chemicals I know can’t work. Here’s what I put in NightThyme:

  • Vitamin C – in the right form (L-ascorbic acid) and concentration (10%) and pH (3.5) to keep your skin looking as good as possible, improving the appearance of wrinkles.
  • 2 Alpha-Hydroxy Acids – 8% lactic and 2% citric acids (AHA) to exfoliate and smooth.
  • 4 skin brighteners (vitamin C, vitamin A, licorice extract, and milk thistle) for uneven tone and those splotchy spots.
  • 5 antioxidants (vitamins C and A, milk thistle, licorice extract and thyme) that decrease skin damage from toxins.
  • 2 moisturizers (glycerin and hyaluronic acid)
  • Thyme – a natural wonderful smelling herbal antioxidant

The challenge was to put all this science into one product. I made a light serum to avoid clogging pores and I packaged NightThyme in amber glass to protect it from light and oxygen. To keep the contents as fresh as possible, NightThyme has been stabilized by various chemical and physical methods. I basically tried to simulate the environment inside an orange, where vitamin C stays intact for many months, and I felt good enough about my product that I applied for a patent. To keep it fresh even longer, NightThyme is stored refrigerated in our warehouse. It doesn’t have to be refrigerated – it certainly won’t “go bad” like food if left at room temperature, but I encourage you to refrigerate unused bottles of NightThyme to keep them fresh as long as possible.

So, what exactly can NightThyme do? With regular use for months (that’s right – no honest skin care program can promise real, enduring results in days or weeks...) most people will see a smoother, less splotchy, brighter complexion, and more beautiful skin. The attorneys won’t let me say more than that, but you can view the scientific paper I wrote on this subject if you want to learn more.

Enjoy my product. I’d love your feedback.
Arthur W. Perry, MD, FACS

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Directions for Use: Before bedtime, wash your face with mild soap such as Dr. Perry’s CleanThyme®. Unscrew the cap from the bottle and screw on the dropper. You may store the NightThyme in the bottle with the dropper for up to 6 months. Draw up NightThyme into the dropper and squirt it onto the palm of your hands. Coat your entire face and massage the serum into your skin, avoiding your eyes. Your skin should be dry before touching your pillow; otherwise staining of your pillow or clothing could result. Mild tingling is normal. The serum will darken due to the Vitamin C content but is still usable and effective.

Warning: Do not use on broken skin or mucous membranes or during pregnancy. If rash or irritation develops, discontinue use. If product contacts eyes, rinse well with water and consult an ophthalmologist if you experience eye pain or irritation.

Sunburn Alert: This product contains an AHA that increases your sensitivity to the sun. Use a sunscreen such as DayThyme® for a week after using this product to minimize the chance of sunburn.