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May 2013

Colors in products

By Arthur W. Perry MD, FACS May 18, 2013 No comments

Have you ever purchased a beautifully colored skin care product?  Like those blue shampoos, or green soaps?  Many of you do, because the marketing divisions of skin care companies know that you, the consumer, will always choose products wtih a pretty color over bland white or clear.  One well known liquid soap is available in both clear and beige colors...and no surprise, the beige one sells better.  Even doctors swallow this marketing - one of best selling wound dressings languished as a plain white dressing.  But when those Madison Avenue types added a bright yellow color to it, it became a best seller!

But color has absolutely no use in skin care products...unless you are using it as a makeup.  Those dyes are, for the most part, quite toxic.  They can be carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, and skin irritants.  Of course, I would never color my products - I only use necessary ingredients...

Dr. Oz television show

By Arthur W. Perry MD, FACS May 9, 2013 No comments

I hope you enjoyed hearing and seeing me on the Dr. Oz television show today. It took a lot of courage for Dr. Oz to air that show. I have long felt that the chemical sunscreens are dangerous. My patients remind me that I've been harping on that issue for over a decade. It just doesn't make sense to fill our bodies with harmful chemicals, or even suspicious chemicals...particularly since a great alternative is available. As you may have guessed, my DayThyme SPF 20 broad spectrum sunscreen fits the bill. I used micronized zinc oxide and a variety of other substances that IMPROVE THE BARRIER FUNCTION of the skin. Most importantly, I included Vitamins B3 and B5. So, instead of a chemical sunscreen/moisturizer combination that so many companies produce, which irritates the skin and is toxic, I use a sunscreen that doesn't enter the body and substances that are not just nontoxic, but actually improve the quality of the skin.