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Don't Shake the NightThyme!

By Arthur W. Perry, MD June 3, 2017 No comments
Some people want to shake their products. I'm not sure why, but I'm going to ask you NOT to shake your bottle of NightThyme. First of all, it's simply not necessary. NightThyme has been perfectly formulated as a beautiful serum. There's nothing floating around in there that you have to mix up. There's nothing that will settle down to the bottom of the bottle... But here's why I don't want you to shake the bottle (sounds a little like the old "don't squeeze the Charmin" commercial....). I received my patent on the unique way I preserve the Vitamin C in NightThyme. I bottle NightThyme under a little pressure, And as the Vitamin C in the NightThyme ages (oxidizes), it generates a little carbon dioxide. So that little bottle of NightThyme is sort of like a can of soda. And you know what happens if you shake a can of out as it spews across the kitchen. The same thing will happen to NightThyme. So here's how I open my NightThyme. First, I refrigerate it to cool it down. Then I certainly don't shake it. Then I unscrew the cap slowly to release a little gas. You should hear a little "shvip" as it unscrews. And that's it. Keep it from getting too warm during the month that you use it. Room temperature is just fine, but don't let it sit in the sunroom. If you're stocking up, keep the extra bottles in the refrigerator. As for color - NightThyme starts out with a tiny tinge of beige. After about 6 months, there is a vague yellow color. After about a year, the color should be yellow. After 2 years, it will be darker yellow. After about 3 years, it will be light brown. It is still usable and will still have enough vitamin C with this color. When the product turns dark brown, it's thyme to toss it out.
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New NightThyme is Ready!

By Arthur Perry MD July 8, 2015 No comments

Greetings from Dr. Arthur Perry.  

I've got great news to share with all of you.  Beginning at midnight tonight, we'll be selling the new NightThyme. Here's the good news:  the actual product hasn't changed a bit.  Here's the better news - the pump bottle that was so, so finicky, has been replaced with a glass bottle with a dropper.  I guarantee you won't have issues with this bottle.  

If you've used NightThyme, you know what an incredible product it is.  It combines the real form of Vitamin C, high amounts of Vitamin A, 2 fruit acids in proper concentrations, 5 antioxidants including milk thistle, and 4 skin brighteners.  It's in a serum form because serums leave less useless residue on the skin than creams.  You know that your skin feels smoother the next morning after using NightThyme and that after a month or two, brown spots begin to fade and after several months, you notice less wrinkles.  But...that old pump was driving you crazy.  In the hot weather it could leak or stop working...despite the fact that it was the best and most expensive pump in the world (produced for me in France by Lablabo).  So, I set out to find a better pump.  None would work, because my product contains 20% acid and has a very low pH.  Ultimately, the solution was to package NightThyme in glass with a special type of cap.  I replace the air in the bottle with Nitrogen to preserve the product for as long as possible and refrigerate it from the moment of creation.  The glass is amber, to block light.

When you receive your new NightThyme, don't remove the cap until you are ready to use it for the first time.  Then replace the cap with the glass dropper cap.  I've tested the dropper cap and I know that the product does just fine, without refrigeration, with the dropper in place, for at least 5 months.  If you purchase extra bottles, you'll prolong their life by refrigerating them. 

I am confident that the new bottle will solve the problem of occasional leaks and pump issues.  Of course, glass bottles can break if dropped, so you'll notice that the new carton is a beautiful rigid box that can be dropped from 4 feet without the bottle breaking.  All of these changes cost quite a bit of money and the product cost is almost twice the original cost, but I have decided not to raise the retail price of NightThyme.  My goal is to provide the highest quality products at fair prices.  

I am so excited to offer this new NightThyme to you and welcome your feedback.  If you like my products, please tell your friends.  This is a "grass roots" company that I am trying to grow.

Arthur W. Perry, MD, FACS 

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NightThyme skin care

By Arthur W. Perry MD, FACS June 28, 2013 1 comments

Night is a great time (thyme?) to rejuvenate your skin.  Why?  Because the two most studied skin care ingredients are most effective at night.  That's because vitamins A and C are destroyed by the ultraviolet light of the sun.  So when you step outside your house in the morning, the vitamin C and A levels plummet.  Vitamin C is a direct stimulator of collagen production.  Collagen is the major part of your skin - it is your leather.  And your collagen levels drop 1% per year after age 30.  It's asking a lot to maintain, no less increase, collagen levels.  But vitamin C is proven to do just that...only if it is in a 10% concentration, in the correct form (L-ascorbic acid), and at the correct pH (3.5).  And yes, NightThyme does vitamin C just right...  And vitamin A?  I call it the skin rejuvenator, because it is responsible for keeping the skin looking young.  Unlike vitamin C, vitamin A works in just about any form.  So I chose the least irritating form of vitamin A - called retinyl propionate.  It is converted into the active form within your skin.  

Apply NightThyme after washing your face - give it a few minutes to dry before going to sleep. I like the tingling feeling because I know that means it has the right ingredients at the right pH.   In the morning, you can actually taste the vitamin C as it washes off of your face in the shower.  But don't try and sip it...enjoy your vitamin C in your orange juice at breakfast...