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CleanThyme awarded a patent!

By Arthur W. Perry, MD, FACS February 22, 2015 No comments

I recently received a patent for my CleanThyme soap. "So what" you may say. Let me tell you why this is important.

It is pretty difficult to patent a product, no less a soap. The US patent office only grants patents for unique products - you've got to prove to them that your product is different from everything else on the market. I knew right from the start that CleanThyme was the most unique product that I've created. It is the only soap on the market that has the correct pH - it's acidic like the skin should be - and has no toxic sulfates, no preservatives, no petrolatum, and no dyes. The lather comes from the plant that makes root beer frothy. The bar is held together with edible beeswax. Even the fragrances are naturally occurring aromatherapy agents. They're proven to improve mood and decrease blood pressure. But since lemon oil sets you up for sunburn, I removed the part of lemon oil that does that.

It's one thing to make a scientifically perfect product. It's another thing to make a product that the public likes to use.  With CleanThyme, I hit a home run - it's a perfect product that cleans your skin without stripping it of your important natural oils.  It "performs" well with just the right balance of "slip" created with glycerin and oatmeal'll love the tons of lather.  On top of that, it smells good enough to eat.

Traditional soap is one of the most toxic skin care products. It messes up the pH balance of your skin and allows bacteria to proliferate. The SLS in most soap destroys the barrier function of the skin, allowing toxins to penetrate and creating irritation and a syndrome of rough, oily, slightly red and swollen skin. Many of you have that and have always thought that that's how your skin always is. I addressed each and every problem with traditional soap and created CleanThyme.  

Now, you might be wondering why I made a bar soap, instead of a liquid soap, which looks so much fancier.  The simple fact is that bar soaps do not require preservatives.  And 14% of you are allergic to preservatives.  

Try my soap and many of you will see a difference in the appearance of your skin within a few days. (You've also got to start using an SLS free shampoo).

Now you can understand why the US Patent Office has decided that my CleanThyme is unique enough to warrant a patent. The only problem with CleanThyme? You'll never be able to use your old soap again.

Your soap is poisoning you

By Arthur W. Perry, MD, FACS July 6, 2013 1 comments

The average American poisons their skin twice a day...every day.  I'll bet you do, too.  But you don't know you're doing it.

When you wash your face, chances are good that the soap that smells so good is actually harming your skin.  Here's why.  No matter what soap companies tell you, all soap is artificial.  It has to be, because soap is the result of a chemical reaction between fat and lye.  Chemists call the reaction "saponification" and chances are pretty good that you heard about that in 10th grade and forgot it by 11th!  The soap reaction requires that the end product, that's the soap, is alkaline.  OK, your eyes are glazing over....but just for a minute remember that lemon juice is acidic, baking soda is alkaline, and water is right in the middle.  Your skin should be acidic, at a pH of 5.5.  But when you soap it up with those alkaline suds, the pH rises.  That rise makes your skin a playground for all sorts of bacteria and yeast, which have a hard time surviving at the normal acidity of the skin.  For 3 hours, those germs frolic and your skin becomes inflamed trying to restore its pH.  While the pH is off, your barrier is weakened, allowing other toxins to enter the body.

You might think that's enough, but add to that the usual cast of toxic characters that reside in your soap (like sulfates, preservatives, parabens, and other toxins), and you've got quite an assault on your skin.

When I designed my CleanThyme soap, the first thing I wanted was the correct pH.  That wasn't the hard part.  The hard part was making my soap perform nicely so that you would want to use it.  Acidic soap doesn't froth well without adding sulfates or other toxic substances called surfactants.  Sulfates are terrible irritants to the skin and also weaken the skin barrier.  Combined with the wrong pH, that's a pretty nasty "1-2 punch".  And in some people, it's a knockout, creating slightly red, slightly swollen, oily skin.  Skin that is doing everything possible to fight those toxins.  Do you think that's enough?  Add in toxic preservatives like parabens, and a  whole lot of toxins that if I named, you would stop reading this...

All those toxic chemicals make your soap feel and smell nice.  But I won't use them. Here's where science meets art...and a little cooking.  So, to create froth, I used the stuff that makes root beer foamy.  And I added glycerin for just the right amount of slip, oatmeal to give it body, and I held the bar together with beeswax, not petrolatum like most other bar soaps.  But no one would buy any soap wtihout fragrance, and despite the fact that I am very anti-fragrance, I had to use it in my soap.  So, I combined lemon oil without irritants, lavender oil and thyme oil and came up with an irresistible smell.

In the end, I hit a home run with my CleanThyme.  Yes, I'm biased, but I believe it is the best soap in the world. Once you try it, you won't be able to use your old toxic stuff again.